How do I use the Stop/Play/Pause buttons?

The stop button is used for stopping all the downloads in general. The play and pause buttons are used for controlling individual links, Raps will not try to download a link that is paused. Unpausing is done by using the play button.

What is the "Api Cpu" field in the statusbar?

Raps is built on the Rapidshare API. The Rapidshare API servers use an IP-based crediting system where every action adds points to your IP. When you exceed the maximum allowed amount, API calls will be denied for 30 minutes. After exceeding it multiple times, your account will be banned. Every minute the server will subtract 1000 points from your balance. See the Rapdishare API for more information.

When will the linux and mac version be published?

We are currently working on creating a debian package which will be released with the 0.2 stable version. A mac version is currently not underway, although we are developing Raps with future mac releases in mind.